Slave OpenTherm Shield

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Salve OpenTherm Shield can be used for building DIY OpenTherm boiler, boiler simulation device or can be used as part of the ESP8266 OpenTherm Gateway or Arduino OpenTherm Gateway
You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Solder corresponding headers, screw therminal block
  • Stack WeMos/LOLIN D1 mini or WeMos D1 MINI ESP32 board (it is also can be used with Arduino or Raspberry Pi boards)
  • Install OpenTherm Library into Arduino IDE
  • Flash sample sketch (don't forget to update pins configuration)

Component Pieces
Slave OpenTherm Assembled PCB 1
Stackable Female Header 2.54mm 8Pin 11mm Length 2
Stackable Female Header 2.54mm 8Pin 3mm Length 2
Single Row Male 2.54mm Breakable Pin Header Connector 8Pin 2
Screw Terminal Block Connector KF128-2P 3.81mm 2Pin 1
Shipping method Estimated Time Fees
12-15 days €5.5